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Our Clients

We have already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs under these organizations to overcome their emotional and behavioral turbulences. Read the clients' testimonials below to see how they witnessed profound improvements in their entrepreneurial performance from the first Emotional Transformational Coaching session.

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"Maha has been my therapist and coach right before the start of the covid in 2020. I had just left a full-time job to follow my dream to be a CEO and started my own data science and software devOps consultancy. We met at the think tank meet ups for entrepreneurs, held at the Royal Society of Arts in London. Lockdown had just started and with that setting up a new business came up with its unique challenges. It was a rough time. We connected instantly and I booked six weeks of therapy and coaching sessions with Maha. During this time, Maha’s affirmation and exercises allowed me to pinpoint the root cause, heal and overcome the emotional challenges that come with running your own company in [extremely] turbulent times. She helped me feel so empowered and liberated. Overcoming the emotional barrier led me to get accepted for the prestigious UK’s Global Exceptional Talent - Proven Leader in ML and AI award (only 1700 people in the world have gotten since 2014). Proving yet again, that everything is possible if your mind is in the right place! Thanks, Maha! “You should do things out of love and not out of fear (of failure)” - My key takeaway from our sessions!"

~ N. Zaheer, PhD, Lean Technologies Ltd, London Ex-Director and CEO, LeeNa Tech Group, London

"As an entrepreneur in Dubai, I was struggling when I started my company. I found out my main problem behind those struggles was many emotional concerns (lots of fears, limiting beliefs, stress, negative feelings & thoughts,...etc). Maha helped me through her sessions in a very professional way to build up an emotional fitness that helped me deal with these insecurities & emotional concerns."

~ R. Ashraf, CEO & Founder of Glow, & Mother of 2, Dubai


"I own a company in Dubai. I did a 1:1 coaching with Maha & I was amazed. She used different techniques in a very professional way to find out the emotional root cause & also to "treat" it effectively. I am doing coaching for several years, but never met someone who uses such diversive & effective techniques like Maha."


~ I. Soliman, Founder, Managing Director & Mother of 2, Dubai


“I see the importance of considering emotions in entrepreneurship which is uncommon in our society”.


~ R. Massaad, Founder of Dog Food, Beirut


“I felt the need of going outside the box of being underpressurized, and start taking care of the work-life balance.”


~ M. Mikati, CEO of Organyclean, Beirut


"The session helped me be more productive and motivated moreover to be filled with positive energy; I become more interactive in the workshops and helped me discuss my ideas and thoughts more freely and openly. The session was a turning point. The turning point was that session motivated me and cleared my mind and helped me succeed in setting my first meeting with a group of investors and get me more attached to the accelerator program and keen to develop myself. A lesson to be learned that makes no difference how much our business ideas are great and our management skills are perfect if our emotions are not stable and we are not aware to manager our emotions intelligently it will be so difficult for us as entrepreneurs to make the right decisions in our journey to succeed.”

~R. Timany, CEO & Founder of Dairy Productions, Beirut


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