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Why are we on earth?

We already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to overcome their emotional and behavioral turbulences, and they observed profound improvements in their entrepreneurial performance in just one week!


Yes, we do that deep work that can change you forever to become the best version you wish to become!

We are here to help entrepreneurs & business leaders navigate their minds with all the emotional difficulties and challenges occurring during the entrepreneurial journey. We are here to touch an area that is seen as a "Taboo", which is "Emotions".

We want to leverage awareness of an overlooked side of entrepreneurship by introducing the necessary Emotional Transformational Coaching sessions, masterclasses, training courses, knowledge & skills that should uplift entrepreneurs’ emotional state to support a healthy entrepreneurial experience.

Our Mission


Our Story

Through our work with entrepreneurs, we have noticed that many of them have given up on their dreams due to emotional challenges that distort their behaviors and decision-making process.


We have noticed that educational and training institutions barely touch on emotional education and emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs. The next generation should be equipped with the emotional skills required to navigate the entrepreneurial emotional roller-coaster, and to receive the tailored emotional transformation they need to thrive, as depicted in the below figure, derived from our clinical experiences.

Image Source: Aly, M., Audretsch, D.B. & Grimm, H. Emotional skills for entrepreneurial success: the promise of entrepreneurship education and policy. Journal of Technology Transfer (2021)

Meet The Team

Dr. Maha Aly
Co-Founder & CEO
Maha Aly’s Ph.D. focuses on entrepreneurial psychology. She brings 17 years of diversified hands-on experience including professional & academic specialties in the field of customer-centricity & digital creation of emotional connection in various technology-based industries like e-banking, telecom & e-commerce, as well as professional certifications & practical experience in various schools of coaching, psycho-analysis & emotional therapy since 2014. Maha is an entrepreneur, author, Emotional Transformational Coach, lecturer & research fellow (IDS, Indiana University), speaker & corporate manager. She has been training & consulting nascent entrepreneurs since 2015 in different countries (Egypt, Germany, UAE & UK). That was based on practicing entrepreneurship herself by creating & running her profitable small business 2011-2017. Her MBA degree taught her that business administration isn't just about operational knowledge, but also about understanding human emotions during the venture creation process.
da (2).png
Dr. David Audretsch
Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer
David Audretsch is ranked the TOP SCIENTIST in Entrepreneurship, Business & Management Sciences for 2022. He is one of the world’s leading guru’s in the field of entrepreneurship & policy education. He brings more than 45 years of experience, consulting, creation of knowledge & leading research in the era of research. Not only has he been appointed as a Professor in prestigious universities throughout the world, but he has also consulted about entrepreneurship with international organizations such as the World Bank, OECD, United States National Academy of Sciences, United Nations & the European Union. He has authored dozens of books & hundreds of research articles on various aspects involving entrepreneurs, their challenges & their impacts. He is currently the Ameritech Chair of Economic Development & the Director of the Institute for Development Strategies. He is keen to introduce a new level of consultation based on his market & academic observation to develop the field of entrepreneurial education.
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